Is B & B Returning with New Episodes? When will the Shooting Resume?

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Is B & B Returning with New Episodes? When will the Shooting Resume?

When is The Bold and the Beautiful Returning with New Episodes?

It is fun to watch the rerunning episodes of this classic show from the past, but the B&B viewers are egalry waiting to watch the new episodes. This drama is loved by everyone and fans are dying to watch new episodes

Because of Pandemic (covid-19), the show has been stopped fliming, and they are still with us with their older episodes. But the fans want to know when they will start filiming so that they can get daily dose of entertainment.

So, lets talk about the latest scoop on La Soul production and When Bold and a beautiful will be filming again.

B&B Latest news: When will the Shooting Resume?

Well according to The Bold and Beautiful latest news, it might take at least one month before the show's production even think to come back for filming

And this is not just for this classic show, other shows might takes some time to film again. While the states across the southeast have opened up this week but the Government in California is standing tough on the lockdown which means no shooting for the soaps.

According to the news, last week a city councilman in Los Angeles push for bringing back Hollywood initiated to get actors and crew back to work that includes The Bold and the Beautiful's members also.

Well that sounds exciting, but let's not forget, we all are going through a hard time due to Covid-19. They will only continue shooting after everything is in control and in safer zone.

Lets hope, they will shart shooting for the show by next month. What do you think, when they will be returning? Comment below, what you think.

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