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LoLNexus Alternative: Summoner stats Lookup with statistics, Ratings, LoLSkillScore & More

LoLNexus was the number one League of legends resource site that started in March 2013. This was the first website to provide summoners with valuable insights before the game. And was designed to show Information about the random players that they are currently paired with.

You used to get detailed information about the player addressed on their website within a blink of an eye. In short, LolNexus became the default place for players to get pre-game information.

This site provided summoners stats with Real-Time Match Lookup. In detail, they used to provide player’s information about Summoner statistics, Ratings, LoLSkillScore, their overall win-loss ratio, and runes & masteries.

In brief here, you could find scouter, your go-to source to lookup ongoing matches and get information regarding pre-made groupings, current and past rankings, runes & masteries all in real-time and allows you to instantly spectate matches.

Lol Nexus was also home to the stream trackers which used to provide a convenient list of online streamers and choose what champion they are playing, stats, and an option to spectate in-game or on twitch with one click or clicked featured games, recent games or random games to view games that are not currently been broadcast.

But sadly, LolNexus got shutdown in late 2018, after Twitch acquired all their assets.


Not the real question is Where LoL Players are exactly going to seek out Pre-gaming information. regarding this ever-growing pool of champions.

Top 10 LolNexus Alternatives

Here is the list of top 5 LoLNexus alternatives which is ranking best in this ever-growing pool of champions.

Our Top Picks

  • 10. Best for Champion stats: Champion – “ provides information on which champions are performing best in current and previous patches.”
  • 9. Best for Pre-game analysis: LoLWiz – “Provides Information regarding runes, builds, and matchups, before and during a match.”
  • 8. Best Sites for learning League: Mobafire – “Know for its Counterstats, where they show how well a character plays against another.”
  • 7. Best for Beginners: LolClass – “Provided with a good number of blogs and guides to help beginners learn properly.”
  • 6. Best Data Visualization: League of Graphs – “Provides pro game information”
  • 5. Best Summoners Stats Site: LolProfile – “You can analysis your score and compare your performance”
  • 4. Best SmartPhone App: LolSumo – ” This app gives you pre-game analysis and advice on the upcoming game”
  • 3. Best Desktop App: Blitz – “This desktop app helps you to prepare for games during champ select.”
  • 2. Best for Game Companion: Mobalytics -” Mobalytic is ranking top as LoLNexus alternative since 2018.
  • 1. Best Overall: -” Provides Complete Companion Analysis”.

10. Champion, lolnexus provides user game data for League of Legends. It is an ultimate place if you are searching in-depth & up to date details of Champions and their overall rankings in the Game. You can easily know details regarding which Champions are performing well in the current and previous patch.

It came into popularity soon after LoLNexus was shutdown. is very equipped and even shows win rates for the best builds, masteries, runes, summoners and skill order which is one of the advantages has over other statistics sites.


9. Lolwiz

lolwiz, lol nexus

LoLWiz provides detailed stats for your team and your opponents. This Overwolf app is fully approved by Riot and works directly in your client.

You can easily know everyone rankings and last season stats. You can also get information regarding runes, masteries, and KDA. With all these features LolWiz surely proves to be similar facilities like LoL Nexus.

8. Mobafire

mobafire, lol nexus is one of the best sites for learning league after ProGuides. It represents itself as a community that helps every League of Legends players take their game to the next level.

It provides guides to open access to all the resources and tools in Lol. And the best part of this site is Counterstats which shows how well a character plays against another.

7. LoLClass

lolclass, lolnexus

LolClass provides pretty much good number of guides and blogs which helps beginners as well as experienced players. Their youtube channel provides good quality videos to players so they can improve their skills in League of Legends.

The top champions per position appear on the front page which makes it easier for beginners to see straight away who they should be focusing their time on based on popularity in the current meta.

6. League of Graph

league of graph lolnexus

League of is the ultimate place where you can find all the stats you ever need. It tracks millions of League of Legends players every day to gather details regarding champion stats, matchups, builds, summoner rankings and more.

League of Graph has a wide range of data visualization for warding, summoner spell, win rates and many more. This website is widely being used soon after LoLNexuz was shutdown.

5. LoLProfile

lolprofile, lolnexus is an LoL stats website that helps you to analyze your score. Here you can even compare your performance with another summoner performance.

It Delivers League of Legends summoner search, champion stats, rankings, Live Spectra, match history, etc in a most efficient manner. Apart from that, the Radar diagram shows the player’s performance on warding, objective control and more.

4. LoLSumo

lolsumo, lolnexus

LolSumo is another League of Legends comparison app designed for smartphones. It provides similar facilities as LOLNexus plus some added guides and details.

The Pre-analysis, intel, and advice on upcoming games feature helps it to stand out from the crowd. Many players refer LoLSumo, those who want to get better at League of Legends. You can see you starts live, which proves it to be your own personal ‘real-time coach’.

You can download LoLSumo on both Android & iOS:



3. Blitz

blitz lolnexus

Blitz is one of the best league tools that does it all automatically. All the features of and are rolled into this simple Desktop app. This app gained popularity in 2019 as it provides all the necessary facilities in one place. Because of all this, its also considered as the best LoL Nexus alternatives in 2019.

The Win Rate, Pick Rate, and Ban Rate feature is the most like feature of this app. You can download the Blitz app by visiting its official website. Blitz is the only League desktop app that automatically imports runes, item builds, and summoner spells with clearly. And the team keeps on updating this app with various features. Check out on twitter.

2. Mobalytics

Want an ultimate gaming assistant? If Yes, Mobalytic is one which you are looking for. is one of the best game companion websites which analyze your performance, weakness and finally highlights your strength.

Mobalytics have got fundings in Millions and are growing rapidly among the players. With this rapid growth, surely Mobalytic has taken the place of LoL Nexus. Mobalytics acts like a personal couch which gives you the necessary information to win the game.

With improved features and functionality, Mobalytics can be considered as a tool made upon the blueprint of LoLNexus.

1. is the most popular Real-time LOL stats website used globally. This site came into popularity right after LoLNexus was shut down in 2018 and considered as best LoL Nexus alternative.

This website doesn’t really go deep into how the campions actually do but show how they perform in the metagames and how players play the campions. Player/champion data, spectate pro matches and leaderboards stats help you to watch and learn how other players are doing their best.

FAQ About LoLNexus

1. What happened to LoL Nexus?

LoLNexus got shutdown in late 2018 after Twitch acquired all their assets.

2. Why is LoLNexus not Working?

Because it’s not available. LoL was working fine till 2018, but not its no more live on the internet.

3. What are LoLNexus alternatives?

There are various League of Legends alternatives such as Mobafire, Lolsumo, LoLProfile, Quickfind,,, LoL Counter, Porofessor, Counterstats, Mobalytics, League of Graph,

4. Why is LoL Nexus Closing?

LoLNexus has been closed due to the funding problem when Twitch acquired Curse Voice and all their assets.