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Which of these equations best summarizes photosynthesis?

Which of these equations best summarizes photosynthesis

The Correct Answer is: D. 6 CO2 + 6 H2O → C6H12O6 + 6 O2

Photosynthesis is the process used by plants, and certain bacteria to harness energy from sunlight and turn it into chemical energy. They use energy from the sunlight in order to produce glucose from carbon dioxide and water.

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Wifi Disabled/Not Working in Windows 10 – The Ultimate solution

how to fix wifi not working in windows 10

Is your Wifi disabled? Here is the ultimate solution that you might be searching for all over the internet.

There can be many issues for Wifi not working on your computer but one common issue is your Network driver not been updated.

If that’s the case then your Wifi connection will be automatically disconnected and you won’t get any other options to connect it to the network.

The only option you can see is to Turn On “Aeroplane mode” or to “Change settings, such as making a connection metered”. And lastly, you get confused with the various options in the ‘Network & Internet Settings’ tab.

How to Fix Wifi Disabled/Not Working In Windows 10?

Steps to fix wifi Disabled/Not working in Windows 10.

  • Press Window key + R to open Run Command. Or else you can search for “Run Command” to open it.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and click on ‘OK’
  • It opens the Device manager – Go to ‘Network adapters‘ – right click on ‘Qualcomm Qc…. Wireless Adapter‘ – click on ‘Update driver‘.
  • Select and click on “Browse my computer for diver software“.
  • After that select “Let me pick from a list available drivers on my computer
  • Tick on “Show compatible hardware” to get all the model wireless adapter list.
  • Select any of the Qualcomm wireless Adapter and click on the “Next” button.
  • The driver will be updated and your wifi connection is going to connect immediately.

I hope this method helps you to fix your wifi not connecting/ disabled problem. If not try out some other tricks.


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PayManager – Login, Forgot Password, Reset/Change Password in Pay Manager

paymanager forgot password

PayManager is a Pay Bill Preparation System developed for the employees of the Government of Rajasthan. This software provides various facilities like Pay Bill Preparation, preparation of DA arrear, bonus, encashment bills, and leaves. It was introduced for the benefit of employees in order to Prepare their Pay Bill in a digital way.

PayManager Login – How to Do?

If you are a new user to PayManager and wants to Login to PayManager for the first time then follow the following steps:


Steps to login to PayManager for the First Time:

  • Search “PayManager” in the Google search engine.
  • Click on which is its official Government website.
  • Click on the link which says For DDO/Employee Login or presents below Login button in order to login as Employee or click on
  • Select the Employee radio button as shown in the image above.
  • Then fill up your government “User Id” and “Password” in the given required field.
  • When you are logging in for the first time then, your password is going to be the last four digits for your bank account.
  • Finally, enter the given Captcha correctly and click on the Login button to log in to your PayManager account.

When Logging for the first time, you might be asked to update your password. In that case, kindly update your password as follows:

  • Once when you are on the Change Password page, you can find two options with “Select Types”.
  • Choose the “Self” type and enter your password in the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” field.
  • Enter the given captcha correctly and click on the “Submit” button in order to update your password.

Once you have updated your password, you will be again redirected to the login page. Repeat the same process which is mention above for logging in but this time enter your new or updated password.

How To Change Reset/Change Your Pri PayManager Password?

In case if you have forgotten your PayManager password, you can easily change your password by following these steps:


Follow these steps to Change/Reset PayManager password:

  • Click on Forgot Password (Employee Login) link present below the Login button of Login page or else click here
  • You will be directed to the Reset Password Request Form page as shown in the image (2)
  • Enter your Employee ID, Bank Account Number, Date of Birth and Mobile No. as correctly.
  • If you enter your mobile number, you need to verify your number, so click on “Verify Contact No” and finally enter the OPT (One Time Password) send to your mobile no.
  • Now finally click on the “Submit Details” button and immediately you will get a message as “Password Reset Successfully”.
  • Your password will be reset to your default password, which is the “Last four digits of your Bank Account No.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pri Paymanager forgot password, What to do?

You need to reset the password by visiting – forgot password. The steps to change the password are given above.

2. Paymanager password reset successfully, what is required?

You require Employee ID, Bank Account Number, Date of Birth and Mobile No. Providing all this information, you can easily reset the password.

3. What is Paymanager default password?

Paymanager Default Password will be Last four digits of your Bank Account Number .

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